We meet on the second Friday of each month to socialize, network and talk about any and all topics of interest to contemporary pagans.

 The meetup is held at Muy Salsas, 1315 Trinity Drive Los Alamos,  between the Starbucks and the Natural Grocers. Be sure to look for the Green Dragon on the table.

Would you be interested in Meetups in Santa Fe? At another location? Please make suggestions so we can move forward into 2023 with a vibrant, active Meetup.

Still interested in making more connects with other folks interested in paganism, Wicca, related topics? Check out www.ardantane.org’s Friday seminars. The cost is only $10 for two hour classes and discussions covering topics of interest to everyone from those with decades of experience to seekers and those who are brand new to the practice.


Our Lady of the Woods